Wet magnetic separators are used especially in enrichment in mining. Wet systems are preferred because of micron sized mineral’s magnetic bunch. The problem of the occurring of very large quantity of losses with other ore preparation methods in enrichment of minerals in which liberation size is small has been overcome by wet magnetic separators. Beside heavy liquid enrichment, it is used safely to separate metal waste from liquid such as fluid glase, enamel, oil and etc. Thanks to these separators regaining product and enrichment and extending life of machine and filter is provided.



The working scheme of wet separators, which is used in industry to enrich thin magnetite minerals ore ferro-silica that is high iron compound powder, is given below. With method of slime, valuable ore in a specific rate is used of the fed material. Regaining of the magnetic ore is enabled with the help of wet separators. Regaining of magnet in coal enrichment facilities is an example.