• Made for holding, handling and fixing the iron-based sheet and metal parts.

  • It is advantageous in terms of business safety because it has no moving part.

  • It Works with compressed air. When the power is cut, it continues to hold the work piece.*

  • It can be fixed to the transport system or chassis with 4 M8 threads located at the top.

  • 100% domestic production.

Clamping force* (N) : 90

Operation pressure (bar) : 3-8

Pneumatic connection : G1/8

Air Consumption** (1) 0.35

Max. Operation Frequency (Hz) : 4

Position of Mounting : Horizontal-Vertical

Ambient temperature (C) : +5…+60

Weight (g) : 560

Body, Cover : Hard eloxal coated aluminium

Lifting force varies according to the thickness of the gripped part. As the thickness is thinner, the product’s lifting ability decreases. The given value is fort he filled material. When calculating the weight, the safety coefficient must be taken 3.

1 is the amount of air that is spent for gripping-holding. Surface friction should be taken into consideration in the horizontal grip.

Pneuo Magnetic Handling

This series is a special design which can carry high weight with minimum dimensions. Also it can be activatied and diactivatied by air. The product which has the photo downstairs has 50 kg Dynamic Lifting Capasity. They involve permanent magnets so they have no energy consumption. It is very sutiable for robotic applications. It is better to use these kind of products for parts which are thicker than 3 or 4 mm.