Some of these equipment’s are used in various sectors according to different purpose and needs are given in the following illustrations. For example;

  • Tip finding magnets used in textile industry and yarn dyeing factories,

  • Screw Holders that allow you to keep materials such as screws falling in areas of the machines where the hand cannot reach,

  • Magnet Screwdriver Tips to gain magnetic properties of the tip when plugged into the screwdriver end,

  • Cow magnets, which are placed into the anterior stomach of livestock animals, keep the nails and similar pieces of metal that they swallowed before they go to the stomach. This method extends the life of the animal.

  • Fuel Saving Magnets are the systems that are integrated into natural gas burners which are designed specifically for the factories, which provide fuel savings of 3% to 5%

Holders of Knives and Household Appliances
Cow Magnets
Nib finding magnet
U Magnets
Fuel Saving Apparatus
Screw Holders
Natural Gas Saving Apparatus
Collar Magnet
Magnetic Drawer Lock
Screwdriver Magnets Screw Holders
Magnetic Clutch