It is used for separating metal waste from product which flows in stack in conveyor belt. According to feature of the product, it is designed to be effective in long distance. It is produced with ceramic and NdFeb magnets. It can be produced according to length of the belt and feature of the product on your demand.


These are magnetic separators which are designed to clean waste metal (iron pieces) that magnetic plates collected without touching them.  It's a self cleaning equipment so  you do not need to stop the system for magnet maintanance. According to witdh of the belt, the height of the product, and the pull height of the magnetic plate;  the tailor made design is made. It is not only for mining industry but also it is suitable for glass, ceramic, concrete, casting industries.

Special Series Neodymium Magnetic Plate
Special Series Neodymium Magnetic Plate
Micronized Body Iron retention performance
They are magnets used in Food Industry.


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