They are used for various dimensions and purposes. They are used to hold the free-flowing sugar, grain (wheat, corn, barley), tea, plastic granules, powdered chemicals, glass fiber, talc powder (magnesium silicate), silica sand, quartz dust, refractory sand, soda ash and iron wastes from liquids which are highly effective. They are also designed for the perfect separation of ferrous substances from material that is transported in piping system and in powdered materials. The purpose of these products is to increase the quality of the products and prolong the life of machines.

According to where used, neodymium and ceramic magnets in accordance with the desired dimensions are formed by the formation of stainless steel pipes. Hence, they have the name of the rod or bar magnets. Both ends can be switched off according to the use place, the connection terminals may be opened or can be stud. Rod magnets are designed in single or multi-bar areas where the area is narrow, such as duct, pipe and discharge sleeves. The number of the bars, the type and shape of the magnet varies depending on the flow capacity of the product, the application, the density and cleanliness of the iron-containing substances. When the bars come together, grade type magnetic separators, drawer type magnetic separators are manufactured. Manufacturing is made in the desired dimensions according to demand.




It allows you to easily clean metal parts when you pull the handle at the end, as it enables you to easily get metal parts from your hand. It is also possible how much metal part is in your product thanks to this bar which is also called the sampling probe.