Magnet Research and Development Company is founded in order to provide the needs of “Magnetic Equipment” for Turkish Industry , to produce magnets which are demanded in quantities and sizes and to satisfy the clients’ needs with the most appropriate magnetic systems. We use the more than half century experience to solve problems, which our producers could face, in every part of our industry. We are proud to contribute to production as a producer and an exporter firm. The places of use of magnet have been increasing in today’s rapidly developing industry. Hundreds of magnets, magnetic seperators and magnetic retainers are used in industries such as mining, food, grain, chemistry, plastic, ceramic, textile, cosmetics, bijouterie, pharmacy, stock breeding, construction, soil industry, spice. System and feature that will be used differs in accordance with the sector. It is determined that which magnetic system to use with which material and equipment design is made considering the capacity and working conditions.

Would you like to take advantage of our opportunities coming from our company’s more than half century experience if you consider to use “Magnetic Equipment” in order to increase the quality in your production?


Making permanent co-operations which rely on trust by providing fast, flexible and innovative solutions for those who look for solutions about magnetic field and equipments.


Being a firm, which produces and uses technology by actualising the standardization of products which are demanded by the market, which increases the quality and variety of innovative magnetic equipments that it produces for Turkish, European, Middle East markets..



  • EXPERIENCE  in sector

  • Shareholder SATISFACTION

  • Mutual TRUST with partners

  • Being QUICK, FLEXIBLE and INNOVATIVE in all activities