Electro-permanent lifting magnets are the latest technology products which are used to transport, lift the high tonnage plates, block parts in iron and steel industry, metal industry and shipyards. There is no need for battery system of uninterruptible power supply in the magnet, the product remains active without any energy when power is interrupted. It keeps the product once you energize the magnet because it is a permanent magnet system. When you want it to stop, the magnetism is off when you energize again. Because it is not affected by power cuts, it has an important place in terms of work safety and thanks to this feature, it is more economical and safer than electromagnetic systems. It saves serious time because it prevents work loss in terms of moving and leaving parts. Magnetizing and demagnetizing cycles take approximately 1-2 seconds. This can be done using the button station on the remote control or lifting device. The product is under the guarantee of our company and produced in our company. With the Mıknatıs Ar-Ge brand, we have technical service during and after warranty. Special manufacturing can be done if demanded.