The electro permanent chucks do not require a battery system or an uninterruptible power supply. When the product is running, the magnetism remains active without the need for any energy. They don’t leave the material in power cuts. It keeps the product once you energize the magnet because it is a permanent magnet system. When you want it to stop, the magnetism is off when you energize again. With five-axis working advantage, it does not prevent the movement of cutters during the axis. One-way clamping to finish operations on the work piece is both convenient for machining and improves sensitivity. It is easy to assemble the magnetic chuck into your machine and connect the work piece to the Electro-permanent Magnetic Chuck, which saves you considerable time in the job clamping period.. Electronic control unit, cable and connecting apparatus are included. Hand terminal can be made if demanded. It provides convenient axial machining of work pieces in all sizes. In addition, special designs are made to your different work pieces. Can be equipped for rough finishing and drilling in all work pieces.

Minimum part size should be applied on top of the four magnetic poles, making contact with more surface creates a more powerful magnetic field. Minimum component thickness should be 10 mm in order to work with maximum performance. More spacious and functional working possibilities are available with optional square and springed washers. 5 surfaces of the part connected to the magnet surface can be processed. No power supply required during tightening and it saves power and has low consumption. It is ergonomic in operation, provides easy and quick installation, larger work pieces that the magnet surface can be processed.