The Magnetic Lever Lifter is a manual controlled permanent magnet lever designed for ferromagnetic materials (such as plate and round sheet), moving (lifting, transporting and lowering).

This lifting equipment uses the features of continuous magnets to create a magnet area capable of attracting ferrous materials. It is activated by means of a lever that rotatable a nucleus containing neodymium magnets, which has strong magnetic properties within the equipment; in this direction, the magnetic flux obtained passes through the load to be moved during the working phase and short-circuited in the lift during the release phase. They are  operated without an electronic circuit and are not affected by power cuts because they are manufactured from permanent magnets. They are safer than electromagnetic systems for use.


Machine workshops, metallurgical and mechanical workshops, iron-steel workshops, and all workplaces requiring a fast, reliable transport of ferrous loads with the help of a bridge Crane or crane. The technical specifications of the magnetic lever lifters are given in the tables below.