Pot magnets used in various industries serve different purposes. Some of the special productions used for holding, gripping and conveying that can be produced in the types and sizes are shown in the following pictures.

  • Commonly used vitrified and sandwich type pot magnets in the ceramics industry

  • Drilling pots that allow you to remove the iron parts (drill, drill bit, etc.) that cause you problems in the drilling wells.

  • Magnetic miters that make it easy to work without needing a tailstock and auxiliary element at 90 degree and 45 degree weldings used by welding masters.

  • AlNiCo Mould Holders that allow you to hold the material in places where there is high temperature and to leave the material comfortably with the help of the lever.

  • Ceramic Tubular Pot Magnets used to carry during enamelling of materials such as pots, teapots are special manufacturing pot magnets which can be made in demanded sizes according to the needs and demands of our clients.

AlNiCo Mould Holders
Neodymium Drill Pot
Water Meter Lock Open Pot
Manuel Pot Magnets
Sandwich Pot Magnet
Ceramic Pot with Iron Sheets
Magnetic Miters
Tubular Magnetic Pot
Magnetic Pot with Plastic Handle